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Tip #3 How to get Change Orders processed and paid faster

Professionally document your Change Order Requests
Tip #3: Recoup cost for T&M work with a fast professionally documented Change Order Request.

You’ve done the work, you’ve gotten the tag signed and now you need to formally request the General Contractor send you a Change Order. At this point most Subcontractors...

  • Scan in the paper T&M Tag
  • Manually transcribe the hours into a COR template
  • Apply the associated costs
  • PDF the COR cover sheet
  • Attach the scanned T&M Tag and any pictures
  • Compile everything into one COR package
  • Update your accounting software
  • Update your COR Log
  • PDF the COR log
  • Email your customer.

Wow, how much time did that take? On Average, our customers save 35 minutes Per Change Order Request using Extracker’s cloud-based tools.

Here is how:

  • Using our mobile app the Tag is instantly logged in the office.
  • By clicking a button in our web app, we instantly create the Change Order Request complete with all of your rates and mark up.
  • We automatically attach the T&M Tag as a backup document and any time-stamped pictures
  • You can preview the COR to make sure it is complete.
  • Email it to your customer directly from Extracker.
  • Automatically update your COR log.
  • Automatically share the updated COR log with your customer
All of this in a matter of seconds, not weeks.
Don't believe us? Watch this short video here.

Take action today

How much time do you spend processing one single COR? How much time and headaches does that cost your company through out the year?

What if you could focus all that extra time on making sure you got paid? We will talk about that more specifically in the next tip. If you can’t wait, feel free to schedule a call with one of our Change Order specialists below.