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Tip #4 How to get Change Orders processed and paid faster

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Tip #4: Know you cost exposure at a glance

Sometimes it might be frightening to think of how much revenue you have sitting in a customers inbox that hasn’t been seen. Extracker makes it easy and transparent to keep you and your General Contractor always on the same page. By sending a digital COR log instead of a static PDF you can ensure they always have the latest information at their finger tips drastically reducing costly time wasted on back and forth communication.

  • Automatically track days aging
  • Separate approved to proceed work vs approved CO issued

  • Ensure the GC has ever back up doc with our shareable link

  • Track internal notes related to each COR

  • Define what “stage” in review each COR is

  • Automatically generate a contract summary to confirm your billing is accurate

  • Historically track and compare how different customer process and approve CORs

Do you know the status on each
of your outstanding CORs currently?

Take action today

How much time and money could you save if you and your customer were in sync on outstanding cost?

Could you approach projects differently knowing Change Order risk was reduced? If you would like to talk with one of our Change Order specialists on how we can help do this for you please schedule some time in our calendar when it works best for you. Looking forward to connecting.