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Tip #2 How to get Change Orders processed and paid faster

Tip #2: Protect your revenue at risk with Digital Time & Material Tags

The T&M Tag got signed, but I can’t read it.
The T&M Tag took three weeks to get from the field to the office.
The T&M Tag got lost.
The T&M Tag had no photo documentation.
The T&M Tag was incomplete and didn’t cover all the costs.
The PM never received it even though the Superintendent signed it.
The T&M Tag was rejected because it was submitted 2 months late.
The scanner is broken.

Does any of this sound familiar? At Extracker we call this Revenue At RIsk.

Extracker’s easy to use mobile app eliminates revenue at risk by professionally documenting all of the Time and Material work you do.

  • Eliminate poor or sloppy documentation with typed out T&M Tags.
  • Instantly log and document each T&M Tag the second it gets signed back in the home office.
  • Never lose a T&M Tag again.
  • Easily take time-stamped photos clearly documenting your work.
  • Save a draft of the Tag so your PMs can review it for completeness in the office prior to signature.
  • Instantly get the signed Tag into the hands of the GC Project Manager.
  • Share a fully priced out COR with the T&M Tag attached as a backup document.
  • You can sell your scanner.

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