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Tip #1 How to get Change Orders processed and paid faster.

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We’ve made it our mission to help the commercial construction industry get Change Orders processed and paid faster. On average our customers see Change Orders processed 4 weeks faster.

Tip #1: Keep your customer up-to-date, always.

Are you familiar with drop-box? We are drop box for your Change Order Requests. By creating or uploading your CORs into Extracker we automatically log each one in our cloud-based and shareable log.

Yes, you are reading this correctly, you will never have to update an excel COR log again.

Furthermore, when you upload and email a COR through Extracker we give you the ability to include a link to your projects COR log. When your customer receives the email they can click on the link and view a digital version of your projects COR log that is always up-to-date.

Yes, you can update your customer on ALL project costs with every single COR you send.

From this link your customer can download each project COR you have sent historically on the project.

...Yes, you will NEVER have to resend a backup document that your customer might have “missed” ever again.

eep your customer up-to-date, always

Take action today

Remove the excuses your customer has to not process your CORs and you will see a dramatic increase in COR turn around time.

Want to see this feature in action? Schedule a tour with one of our product specialists at the link below.