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All Your Subcontractor
Change Order Requests In One Place


You have a lot on your plate - The owner, architect, and subcontractors rely on you. Take the stress out of managing project costs with a platform that effortlessly collects all your Subcontractor Change Order information in one simple and intuitive location.

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Take Risk Out of Your Inbox



Create an account in minutes and add your active projects
and team members.



Invite subcontractors to your
project and require they
submit all Change Order
Requests through Extracker.
Never miss another COR in
your inbox.



Eliminate need for data entry and reconciling subcontractor
logs. Monitor Extracker's
automated Change Order
Request log and download
COR documentation from a
single source.



Reduce e-mail correspondence with subcontractors. Message Subcontractors directly in Extracker to approve or reject Change Order Requests and maintain real-time visibility into all out-of-contract costs.

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“By mandating Extracker across all of our projects we have now eliminated the inefficiency and risk in forecasting and collecting our subcontractor change orders. The ease of use and onboarding has made it extremely smooth getting our subs engaged in SF, San Jose and LA.”


Chad Krause, BuildGroup

Is Extracker Right for You?

After all, you have been dealing with Subcontractor Change Order Requests for years and your company has likely already invested in "Change Order" software.


That software, whether it be Procore, CMiC, Prolog, Viewpoint, or some other, is your company's single source of truth for project financials.


But how do you know it is up-to-date with all Change Order Reqeusts you have received from your subcontractors?

There is a better way to track your Subcontractor Change Order Requests

If you are like most General Contractor project teams, you probably ask for an updated Change Order Request log from each Subcontractor to cross-check you have accounted for everything in your "Single Source of Truth."

Imagine if you could wave a wand and the tedious hours collecting Change Orders and requesting updated logs from individual Subcontractors melted away.

Imagine if you could move the entire Change Order collection process away from your inbox and have all CORs effortlessly logged in a neat and consistent COR log from each Subcontractor.

That world exists for the General Contractors who use Extracker's free Change Order Review platform.

Why It's Better: It's designed for General Contractors

Our founder Cameron almost drowned in Subcontractor Change Order Requests and Time and Material Tags as a General Contractor Project Manager. After spending a decade reviewing Change Order Requests he realized the biggest challenge was that every Subcontractor had their own process, for better or worse. Their own T&M Tag forms, their own Change Orders and their own unique way of tracking a Change Order Log which made it near impossible to stay organized and review things in an efficient manner. The industry needed a platform where all the of these important project costs could be posted and reviewed in an organized and intuitive platform.

So he built it.

The result: Today, General Contractors across the world trust Extracker to handle tracking of all their Time and Material Tags and Change Order Requests.

If you are still using Email and Excel, pen and paper, or heavy project management software, getting Change Orders reviewed and processed is probably harder than it needs to be, and you could be saving time if you used Extracker.


"Tracking subcontractor change order requests through email across multiple projects can not only be labor intensive but also introduce unnecessary risk. By requiring all subcontractors to use Extracker we have successfully eliminated any risk of missing or misplacing change order requests and have moved that exposure away from our chaotic inbox. We now have the ability to at a glance know our cost exposure before having to do any manual work and can process subcontractor Change Order Requests much faster."

Mike Schaaf, Senior Project Manager

So how do you get started?

That's the best part - getting up and running with Extracker is ridiculously easy. Most people can get their account set up and their subcontractors invited in less than 15 minutes. Fast. Easy.

If you need help along the way our team is always available by phone or live chat support right here on the site!

Should you make the switch to Extracker?


You will save so much time and money you won't know what to do with yourself. Team lunches? Yep. Bigger bonuses? Yep. More competitive bids? Yep.

Ready to get going?

Get started with Extracker today and join other General Contractors changing the way our industry creates, tracks and shares Change Order Requests and Time and Material Tags.


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