Frequently Asked Questions


How do I accept a project invite?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Either sign up with the email address the invite was sent to or log in to your existing account. If the company that sent you the invite sent it to the wrong email or the wrong person, you will need to request  a new invite with the correct email.
  2. Once logged in to your account, click on the "My Projects" link in the header.
  3. Once on the "My Projects" page, you will see the new project with a big button to accept the invite.
  4. Enter your own company's job number and contract value and click "accept." These are for your reference.

What are the different user types?

In Extracker there are three different user types for both the General Contractor and the Subcontractor.

  • Admin: This user has access to the company's information and can view all projects.
  • Project Manager: This user can add new users, create projects, create T&M Tags and CORs but cannot edit the company settings or view all company projects.

    Field User: This user is restricted to creating and viewing T&M Tagss and has no access to CORs for the projects they are on.

Is there a user guide?

Yes! You can download it here. User Guide

What is the difference between a T&M Tag and a Change Order Request?

The Time and Material Tag is a commercial construction document used to track labor, material and equipment, incurred on out-of-contract, extra work performed in the field. T&M tags track quantity, not costs. A T&M tag is converted into a Change Order Request, once rates and dollar values have been applied.

How do I use Extracker if my General Contractor has not signed up?

If your GC isn't using Extracker, the easiest way to share your change order requests is by using the shareable link, a feature on Extracker premium projects. The shareable link can be accessed from the "Share" button at the top right hand corner of the COR log. Simply e-mail the shareable link to your customer at the beginning of the project. The link will always provide access to an up-to-date change order log for the remainder of the project.

How does the pricing work?

Extracker is free for both Subcontractors and General Contractors to sign-up and use today. For subcontractors to access premium project features, Extracker costs $79/project. Extracker offers discounted annual pricing packages on premium projects. Contact for more information on discounted annual pricing.


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