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Construction's first and only Change Order Review platform.

Stop chasing down out of contract work in your inbox. Extracker's free Change Order Review platform is designed to connect contractors and their customers to easily and transparently track and review all project Change Order Requests. Use it between GC and Owner, Sub and GC, Sub and Sub-Tier Vendor and everything in between.

Eliminate static Change Order Request logs

No longer bounce PDF and Excel logs back and forth in email. Upload all CORs to Extracker in a shared cloud-based log directly between contractor and customer.

Keep your correspondence in one place

Have three different email threads discussing the same cost impacts? Use Extracker's in app messaging feature to keep all review and approval correspondence in one neat and organized location.

Bring clarity to chaos

Always be on the same page. Have outstanding cost categorized by status or review stage and instantly know when things are approved to proceed or ready to bill with a CO issued.


Change Order Request Log 1
Change Order Request Log 2

Easy access to every important document

Did you get my Change Order? Can you send me an updated Change Order log? Never ask or be asked these questions again. By uploading Change Orders through Extracker we store every backup document in our cloud-based log so both contractor and customer have access to the same information.

A Change Order Review Platform Packed with Powerful Features

Easily invite your customers and contractors to your projects

Send review comments directly related to each Change Order Request

Sort Change Orders easily by Approved CO Issued, Approved to Proceed, In Review and Void

Track estimated and T&M Change Orders in the same place or sort between the two

Categorize CORs by stages like ROM, Pricing, In Progress, Potential CO, etc. 

All updates and changes made to an individual COR will be logged and tracked in an activity feed so you always have a paper trail.

Instantly export the log to PDF, Excel and CSV formats

Easily sort the log between contractor, customer, project, status, reference number and many more.

Add consistency across all your project teams

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