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Put your Change Order Requests on the top of your customers stack.

You are busy, and so is your customer. Make both of your lives easier with a digital Change Order Request log. When you create or upload a COR through Extracker we do the boring work of automatically logging it in our cloud-based COR log where your customer can always stay up to date and download all backup documentation. Never update a COR log manually again.

Track Change Order Requests with ease

Send your Change Order Requests through Extracker and we will automatically update your COR log. Share the log effortlessly with a digital link or export to excel and PDF.

Be on the Same Page

Ensure your customer is up-to-date, always. By sharing a link to your COR log with every change order sent your customer has no excuse but to be up-to-date.

Know Your Cost Exposure at a Glance

Imagine being able to log in somewhere and know the status of every Change Order Request across all or individual projects? With Extracker you can instantly know what is ready to bill and what is outstanding. Gain insights into days aging and which customers process Change Orders the fastest.


Change Order Request Log 1
Change Order Request Log 2

Focus on Building, Not Administration

Extracker does the time consuming work of logging all your Change Order Requests automatically. Send your customer a link to the projects COR Log and they will always be up-to-date with no additional effort on your end. You and your customer can get back to building knowing you are both on the same page with all outstanding costs in one secure and central location.


A Few More Ways Extracker Makes Change Order Request Logs Simple

See all your company's Change Order exposure at a glance always up-to-date

Always have access to your Change Order documentation in one central place

Sort Change Orders easily by Approved CO Issued, Approved to Proceed, In Review and Void

Track estimated and T&M Change Orders in the same place or sort between the two

Categorize Change Orders by custom labels like overtime, trade damage, etc. and learn historical averages across your projects or easily reconcile an allowance

Track and create revisions all in one place - always have access to previous revisions sent

Instantly export the log to PDF, Excel and CSV formats

Easily share the log with your customer through a digital link that always stays up-to-date

Add consistency across all your project teams

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