The real cost of a Change Order Request

Change Order Request

The one constant with every construction project is change. And that inevitably means a Change Order Request sent from a Subcontractor to a General Contractor. There is typically cost associated with these documents, but what is not obvious are the hidden costs that go into generating and tracking these documents.   Let’s break down the…

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Change Order 101


Change Order 101   Have you seen the classic image of the contractor’s giant yacht called “Change Order” and the tiny dinghy called “Original Contract?” (In case you haven’t, we included it below). This is most people’s perception of Change Orders, that they are a vehicle for contractors to make extra money. But in reality,…

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Big Updates to Extracker Platform

updated Extracker

Big Updates to Extracker platform     We are excited to announce some major updates to the Extracker platform!   Over the past few months, we have been taking in feedback from you and hundreds of other contractors using our platform and have incorporated as much as we can into the latest update. Going forward…

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