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Big Updates to Extracker Platform

updated Extracker

Big Updates to Extracker platform



We are excited to announce some major updates to the Extracker platform!


Over the past few months, we have been taking in feedback from you and hundreds of other contractors using our platform and have incorporated as much as we can into the latest update. Going forward we will now be able to make updates to the product at a much faster and consistent pace. Please keep giving us your feedback as it helps us improve the product!


Our ambitious project ran a little over schedule, but our crews worked overtime to pull everything together. In construction terms here is basically what we did:


  • Structural retrofit
  • Built a new foundation
  • Interior refresh
  • Added several new wings
  • Oh.. and we moved the building


Here is a quick overview of some of the new features we have added to the platform:


  • All users now have the ability to both send and receive Change Order Requests and T&M Tags on any project.
    • Let’s say you are a concrete contractor who needs to track Tags and CORs with your rebar sub but also wants to send CORs and Tags to your General Contractor - now that can all happen in Extracker on the same project.
  • Send out drawings and updates using our change notifications feature to your contractors.
    • Have a bulletin or ASI? Upload the drawings on Extracker, set a date for when cost impacts are due, attach the drawings and send to your selected subcontractors.
    • The contractors will receive a link to download the documents or drawings and can respond to a draft COR created for them.
  • Create a COR from multiple T&M Tags with the click of a button.
  • Label COR and T&M Tags custom labels so you can sort the log by things like overtime, paint touch up or anything you want to track separately.
  • When a T&M Tag is saved as a draft anyone on your company’s project team can now edit it.
    • So if you want to review your foreman’s Tag to add/edit labor, material, equipment or rewrite the description before the customer signs it, you can do all that from the home office. Simply save your updates and they will appear one your foreman's phone or tablet ready for signature.
  • Save drafts of CORs that are waiting to be sent in a separate draft COR log.
  • Manage, update and consolidate customer information in one easy location.
  • Filter COR logs by customer reference number and edit the number directly from the log.
  • Completely overhauled the invitation and sign up workflow making it even easier to invite your customer and contractors to the platform!
  • Bulk download CORs and T&M Tags from the log.
  • And much more!


What to expect from Extracker going forward?


With our new foundation in place, we will be consistently releasing new features at a much faster pace. We are going to send out a monthly newsletter that highlights new features that month. If you don’t want to stay in the loop, feel free to unsubscribe, we won’t be offended 🙂


Here is a quick glimpse into what we already have in the works:


  • Ability to create rate groups and apply them to the project and company level
  • Ability to customize mark up and tax rates and save them on the project and company level
  • In-app messaging
  • Ability to create T&M Tags with no project
  • Deeper analytics based on your company, contractors and customers
  • And much much more!


Want to see all the features in action? Schedule a demo at the link below.