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Leadership Team


Cameron page

Cameron Page

Founder & CEO

9 years at Devcon Construction
Cal Poly Construction Management

Tom Maiaroto

Tom Maiaroto

Head of Engineering

15+ years experience
Alpaca, Cognosante, FunnelEnvy
School of Visual Arts


Greg Seldon

Director of Sales

10+ years experience
Bechtel and Clark Construction

Our Mission


Help Subcontractors, General Contractors and Owner's better create, track, share and review Change Order Requests and Time and Material Tags. 

A Letter From Our CEO



I wanted to personally thank you for checking out our site. We built Extracker for the construction industry based on my and my teams industry experience. If you have any interest, below is my story and ultimately why we built Extracker. If you want to connect with me or my team, my contact info is at the bottom of this note.

I started in construction as a 17-year-old sweeping floors and organizing framing hardware. Soon after I found myself on a framing crew. I had no clue what I was doing but I immediately fell in love with the industry and the people.

I spent the last decade as a General Contractor PM running small fast paced TIs to large scale ground-up projects. While our industry builds amazing things it also has much room to grow. The area I saw the most inefficiencies was how we all create, track and share out of contract work. I saw tempers flare, projects run over budget and company's lose money.

After receiving 1,000's of unreadable Time and Material Tags, Change Orders that were months late and summary logs that didn't make any sense I realized our industry lacked the proper tools to effectively share and communicate out of contract costs. The problem didn’t need AI, BlockChain or Big Data but rather an easy to use set of cloud-based tools to automate the process where it made sense and provide organization in a consistent manner across the industry.

This led to Extracker.

We give subcontractors the tools to eliminate paper, email and excel from the Change Order and T&M Process drastically increasing the speed and clarity in which project costs are recognized and collected from the field.

We give General Contractors a shared digital change order log where they can confidently login and see their complete cost exposure from all subcontractors in real time always up to date.

We give owners the peace of mind that their project costs are being tracked in real time giving them the ability to make informed value-based decisions.

The best part is that our basic platform is completely free. Please reach out to me if you would like to hop on a call to learn more!



Cameron Page

Our Values


Hard Work

The construction industry is built on hard work. It’s in our DNA, too. Extracker is committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver the best possible product, making your hard work more rewarding.


Construction is a diverse industry where companies of all types come together to get projects done. We are committed to making our software simple, friendly and easy to use for everyone.


We believe it’s best to do one thing really, really well. You don’t build an entire building with one tool; you choose the right tool for each task. Extracker is committed and focused on organizing, tracking and simplifying out-of-contract work better than anyone.

Customers first


Our team understands that Extracker’s commitment is to grow our business through satisfied customers. That’s what makes us proud.